Barts Adult Program Details
We here at Barts are dedicated to partner with you in developing your ability to take your place safely and confidently on the streets and highways as quickly as YOU can.  Learning to be a safe and competent driver will give you a sense of pride, a feeling of accomplishment and an attitude of freedom that earning a driver's license brings with it.
We will guide you through the general and the finer points of the driving tasks necessary to not only pass the required DMV test but to also give you the skills necessary to be a safe and confident driver for life.
For each private 90 minute lesson you will be conveniently picked up at your home or workplace.  Schedule as many lessons as you need.  The instructors at Barts evaluate and CUSTOMIZE your training based on your needs.  Classroom is not required for Adults, however it is an option.
NO EXPERIENCE? For covering all the basics of learning to drive, a general rule of thumb is 6 hours or four 90 minute lessons for new drivers.  We teach all aspects of driving a vehicle.  Areas covered are: general control of the vehicle, driving on side streets, turns, lane changes, parking, freeway driving and downtown driving
PRIOR EXPERIENCE? Our instructors listen to what the problems are and concentrate on correcting them as well as improving any other areas you feel need to be addressed.  Some common problem areas are: parallel parking, driving on one way streets, freeway entrance and exits.  Think of it as a brush up lesson.  If a driver has failed the road test they may have just developed some bad habits and those are the things we work on correcting together
No one is allowed in the training vehicle during the behind the wheel lesson other than the assigned student or adult and your Barts SDS instructor.  Barts SDS does not guarantee a drivers license for any student
Because we customize your driving experience we would love to talk to you so we can better evaluate the best program for you.  Call 612-861-1337 or email info@bartsSDS.com for details and pricing.
The State of Minnesota requires all novice drivers, regardless of age, to carry a permit for a minimum time.  A permit is required in order to drive in the car during a lesson
Up to 18 years old must have permit for a minimum of 6 months (no drivers educating required)
19 years old and above must hold permit for a minimum of 3 months.
Written tests are given on a walk-in basis in two formats, the Q test (using a touch-screen computer) and the paper test.
Appointments are recommended for road tests and may be made by telephone, mail, on line at or in person. In fairness to everyone, only one appointment per person per day is allowed.
Refund Policy: No refunds issued after one year from payment date.
Give the gift of freedom, fun and flexibility to yourself or someone you love

"Dear Barts,

    Thanks! My situation was that: I was not a driver.  I had been a driver several years before.  Day-today, I was okay with the bus.  I had to regain my driver's license, but it had been almost ten years.  I was afraid to just go to the driver's test.  What to do?

    Suburban Driving School presented and supplied the perfect solution.  Bart gave me a two hour refresher, and coordinated the driving test.  Pay my money, do my do, learn from a master and present myself.  Done.  Regaining a MN driver's license after a pause- SDS is a service that I can vouch for.

Thanks a lot."

Jon H

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